John M Kennedy

John M Kennedy


Experiments in Clay and Fire


Strange how small encounters can change your life in big ways. In my case, the encounter was with fire, Raku, and clay. What began as an evening pottery class at the local High School has come to change my life.


I’ve always been interested in the science and mechanics of how things work—or

often don’t work. Learning the concept of Wabi-Sabi, unintentional happenings that

lead to beautiful imperfection, has deepened those interests. From Raku in the

High School parking lot to working on my neighbor’s home built kick wheel, and

then, after a 25 year lull, wandering into The ARTS Building and signing up for a

clay class.


14 years ago I began the first iteration of my home clay studio and through

subsequent re-models the studio has grown into a local hub for Raku events

that usually occur during Solstices and Equinoxes. As I have continued to explore

the beauty and unpredictability of Raku, I have found myself, more and more,

influenced by my Celtic origins and my love of the ocean.


                               -John M. Kennedy


John M. Kennedy works in clay with a special interest in glazing and firing

techniques. He explores Celtic mythology in his sculpture work and looks for new

ways to interpret face molds in his explorations with Raku. Lately he has begun

the challenge of working from live models during the Long Pose Sessions in

the ARTSpace at Placer Arts.


John began his college career at Loyola University in Los Angeles with a major in

beer and pre-med. That experiment did not work out. In yet another Wabi-Sabi

event, he turned his passion for the ocean into a major in Marine Biology, graduating with a Bachelor of Science from Cal State Fullerton. Self-taught on computers, he broadened his career into IT Management and in the process earned a Masters of Science in Project and Systems Management. His business background helped him to partner in the re-birth of Clay Arts, to Clay Arts LLC, where he was a moving force behind the recent rejuvenation and re-birth of the Clay Arts Studio, and partnerships in the Downstairs Gallery and Artists In Cahoots Studios…..Wabi-Sabi!!


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