Linda Green

Linda Green


The making, unmaking and redefining of actual found organic form and what is discovered

during the progression.


The works created for the series “Behind the Chain Link fence” are the result of an exploration in “oil wash” sketches, primarily in response to organic material examined under a microscope.


The “oil wash” paintings are one part of a larger project which will, upon completion, include paintings, sculpture and a collection of written works.The series is exploration without expectation.


-Linda Green


Linda Green, prolific in a variety of mediums, has been working as a figurative abstract acrylic artist since fall of 2000. Works include her series of “Passion of People” and in 2009 her series “Women at the Window”. Her background is primarily in watercolor; which has influenced her current painting process. More recently Green is exploring ceramics and oil painting allowing her to express thought in new ways through a new series of works. This new series, “Behind the Chain Link Fence,” upon completion will incorporate ceramics, painting, and ultimately a collection of short stories and poetry.


Linda received her education at California Sacramento State University and has

been an Artist in Residence of The Arts Building in Auburn, California for the past

thirteen years. Linda is a full time Artist. She also provides art instruction to

student artists, children through adult, in the Placer Arts ARTspace program

which is provided in the downstairs teaching space of The Arts Building. She

offers an on campus afterschool programs and artistic classroom visits to schools

in both Sacramento and Placer County.

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